Four basic principles form the foundation of this architectural practice’s services:

  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Client-centric approach
  • Finished project delivery.

Our professional attitude guides us to work along side with our clients so as to deliver the best possible project in its true physical entity.


Our Services include:



High level design is  the cornerstone of our services. We work closely with our clients to interpret their dreams in the right architectural language and style. From classicist to minimal, from Cycladic island to traditional regional styles, from marble to concrete, wood, glass steel and stone, our clients’ preferences and needs are guided by our know-how, expertise, technical skills and talent resulting to a design  which best corresponds to their dream.



Once the design and planning phase are over and agreed, our practice will materialize the entire construction process in order to ensure the client’s best interests in the choice of sub-contractors, technicians, materials, colors, etc. The aim is that the end result of the project to correspond to  the best possible quality at the most appropriate and agreed price.


Project Management:

Project Management is closely related to construction. From issuing of the relevant licenses and approvals to delivering the keys of completed buildings to our clients, we can fully or partially undertake the management of each project according to the clients’ needs and preferences. The client is welcome to actively participate and interfere throughout the construction process or simply leave everything to us.


Interior Design

In some cases, building or construction projects may continue as interior design project so the client is able to enjoy a total solution. This means the designing and delivering tailor made special constructions and the procurement of furniture, carpets, curtains, special lighting, decorative items, art, etc.



Craftsmanship is an important aspect of this practice because its projects are literally crafted artifacts of high quality, finish and design.



A building or construction project, after being finished, has to be maintained in order to keep its quality and high level standards. So Maintenance is another service that can be offered both to existing but also to new clients.